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What Customers are saying ! 

"This talented artist holds the market for realistically created art dolls. Beautifully crafted with fine details and made with love. Her vision and applied art goes unsurpassed in the reborn community! It was a dream to own I own two. I highly recommend this artist!"
Kayla Twigg.
"Paz exceed all my expectations! My baby is adorable, and she made the ordering process so simple. I 100% recommend her!"
Amber Helton.
"Holly has absolutely amazing customer service on top of being a fantastic artist. Eden is the second Paz baby to join our family.
Holly's work never seizes to amaze me. This baby is sooooo life like! Her colouring is spot on PERFECT!
Holly, I am so happy to be able to give a home to your marvellous work of art! Keep this magic going! We love you!"
Thalita Dol Essinger.
"My baby came today and she is even more beautiful in person! Holly was amazing to work with and kept me updated through the whole process. I highly recommend her, her babies are absolutely gorgeous!"
Rachel Marie.
"Not only is Holly one of The most fantastic reborn artists, she is also a very nice person! Her babies are amazing! She is very communicative and has a good sense of humor! Pleasant to work with! I have enjoyed all my interactions with her, and I adore my babies made by her!"
Kathy Galaboff.
"I don't know where to begin! Holly is amazing! I received my first reborn today and just fell in love! The painting of her hair and all those small details like nails, scratch mark and milk spots just made her so unbelievably realistic! My whole buying process was easy and fast! She always replied promptly and answered any questions I had. What's nice is she actually kept me updated throughout her painting process which was super nice! I'm already having a lot of friends interested and wanting to see my doll. I will definitely recommend Holly to everyone I know! You will not be disappointed!"
Teela Steim.
"I recommend her because she is a wonderful Artist her work is beautiful customer service it’s one of the best I ever have she is very quick To respond to the message communication is great very easy to talk to And that is my honest opinion"
Ascension Wright.
"Holly makes very realistic reborns, considering she's only new in the industry. i have a Sunny reborned by her and i love her to pieces. Holly's attention to detail is amazing, The way she does the lips, nails and even milk bumps on babies is phenomenal. If I was a sculptor, Holly would definitely be in my prototype artists list."
Susan Dizon J Gibbs.
"I received my very first reborn designed by Precious Paz and I am in love!!!!! The detail is amazing and my baby is a baby of color so I think the paint job is amazing. I would recommend that you purchase from her. The process was easy, seamless and fast. You will not be disappointed!"
Kashondra Davis Gray.
"Holly has a unique eye for detail and realism. My baby arrived and her coloring was so real and rich and vibrant. I am dying for another one of Holly's babies! 5/5!"
Kristie Sohn Carwithen.
"She’s f-Ing incredible if you want a real looking babe buy hers !"
Vincenzina Care.
"Wow, I don’t know where to begin. Holly is the most Amazing talented Artist. Her Babies are Amazing. I am a doll collector for many years and I can honesty say her babies are the most Beautiful and Realistic dolls I have ever seen. I knew I had to have one of her babies and I was lucky and blessed enough to get the most amazing little boy. Keep up the Great work Holly, I will be one of your forever customers. Now I need a baby girl love "🥰
Julie-Dyer Morris.
"I am so glad that I bought my reborn from precious Paz I have been collecting reborns for quite some time now buying from precious Paz was one of the best experience I have had. I was looking for a very high-quality baby which was very hard to find since I am very picky until I came across Holly’s work she makes a Reborn so highly detailed they are absolutely stunning not only is her work unbelievable but she also has great communication with her customers she shipped my baby very fast too which I was very happy about. I will certainly be buying more reborns from precious Paz!!!"
Amanda Lisanti.
"It's a wonder, from your hands come out of beautiful babies"
Emi Saez Cabida.
"I have been collecting high end reborns for 6 years. I am very picky! I just bought my first Precious Paz reborn and the work is phenomenal! I keep thinking there is a real baby in the room! Excellent communication, nice presentation, fast shipping, and incredible talent!!!"
Julianna Marshal.
"I just purchased my first reborn and I am astounded by Holly's talent and attention to detail. Our baby Gabriel is a true work of art, and my daughter is so very proud of her beautiful baby. Communication was excellent, shipping was quick. The entire buying process was great, but I cannot say enough about how beautiful and realistic our reborn is. Thank you so much Holly and I look forward to buying from you again in the future!"
Kelly Brandon Borders.

"A True Masterpiece in my collection, I am extremely grateful to have this little muffin as my newest addition. Your attention to detail is meticulous, offering a soft yet bold effect in the realism your art offers. Due to each perfectly planned stroke, from head to toe, a masterpiece truly has been created that absolutely belongs in front of a camera so that others beyond myself can witness your art. Your time is precious, as a mother and artist, and there’s no doubt in my mind you excel in mothering just as you do in the arts. The attention, time, energy, dedication, and fortitude will bring forth amazing children just as you have done with your artwork.

One Very Grateful Paz Mommy,"

Jeanne Troutman

"Oh my goodness ❤ after a nervous wait with customs taking longer than usual. My Precious Paz baby has arrived 😁 I have not been able to do anything today, she just has to be cuddled constantly, she snuggles into you, and I am transfixed by every tiny perfect detail. She is more perfect than I could have imagined. Holly there are not enough words to Thank you, Mia is so scrumptious ❤❤❤
I will be needing a brother for her, soon" 😁🌻
Natasha Whitney.
"Holly Paz's work is breathtaking! Holly makes forever babies because once you own them you won't let them go. Every detail of her artwork is precise, the just born coloring is unlike anything I've ever seen within this art field. Her communication is a hard five stars. She goes out of her way to make her customers feel special. Best custom experience ever! Thank you so much Holly for making my dreams come true. I will definitely be making more adoptions."
Melisa Scrivner.
"Holly is by far hands down thee best reborn artist I have ever seen/worked with. I just received my baby today and I am in amazement. Speechless. My baby is the most beautiful reborn I have seen. The realism and attention to detail is spot on. If you’re looking to get a baby you’ve come to the right place ❤️ I promise you. Holly is a forever friend."
Lindsay Diponio
"I don't even know where to begin. Holly's work is just out of this world! The details are just absolutely stunning! As an artist myself I look up to her, her work is seriously goals!!! I just received my baby boy from her and he looks so incredibly real from the tiny baby facial hairs, baby acne, scratches, to the tiny little heel prick! I'm seriously beyond impressed! Thanks so much Holly for bringing my beautiful little boy to life!!! Highly recommend her for anyone looking for a realistic just born baby! 5/5" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"Holly’s version of “Sunny” by Joanna K. Is the best I have ever seen! Incredibly lifelike and her painting has such wonderful depth and detail. I’m a silicone artist and don’t even collect vinyl babies but I could not resist this one � Superb!"
Faith KP
"I just received my baby from Precious Paz and I am in awe! she does amazing details and a very realistic just born skintones and looking, I am super happy with my boy! She is amazing!"
Silvia Ezquerra
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