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About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a Prototype reborn artist by the name of Holly Paz,
creating out of Boston MA,
and these are my reborn creations.
It was many moons ago when my oldest child introduced me to the world of reborns via YouTube. I went to purchase my very first reborn in March of 2015. Thinking to myself, "I might take my hand at this one day". I played with the idea on again, off again for some time.
February 15th 2017 I lost one of the closest people to me in my entire life. She continuously encouraged me to set aside insecurities, and go for success. She would constantly try and push me from my comfort zone in hopes I would one day set fire to my desires and take off.
One day she told me, "I'm your biggest fan". Always encouraging me with such love and depth.  After her passing, with confusion and reflection,  I decided to give it a go. 
March 23rd 2017 I began to place my grief to a paintbrush.
My love for this art grows with every creation.
Each baby is carefully and purposely
created with hand mixed colors, custom brushes, and details that are unique to each baby. Every realistic baby doll is created 
through my vision and often inspired by my own children, Making each baby a true
Masterpiece .
"Let creativity be your outlet, let your grief be viewed through art"

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